The internet has a vast treasure trove of resources available to SketchUp user.  These are the ones that I reference often:

Component Downloads:

3-D Warehouse: – Googles one stop source for user submitted components.  Extremely useful for landscaping components, furniture, vehicles, people, etc…

Ruby Scripts:

Smustard – – Smustard has a vast collection of SketchUp Plugins, many of them free but also offers paid plugins.  A very trusted site that offers many addons for SketchUp

Ruby Library Depot – – Ruby Library Depot offers a large collection of Ruby Scripts for SketchUp.  They have a nice system of Plugins categories that helps the use to find the script that are most relevant.

SketchUcation – – Look through the forums and find many useful SketchUp plugins.

Google SketchUp Ruby Samples – – Directly from the SketchUp site, Google offers a brief synopsis on the Ruby Scripts and provides some ruby script samples, which happen to be some of the more useful ones.

SketchUp Forums:

SketchUcation – – SketchUcation forums has many answers to your SketchUp questions answered by professional users from around the world.

Google SketchUp Forums – – Google’s official SketchUp forums.




2 thoughts on “Resources

  1. These are great sketchup resources. We certainly give them the Designer Hacks seal of approval. 🙂 Thanks for putting this together.

  2. My favorite on this list is the 3d warehouse. I even use it in other programs besides sketchup. I just export from sketchup to the file type I need.

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