SketchUp Glossary: Groups Versus Components

What is the difference between Groups and Components?  This is a common question brought up by first time SketchUp users,  The next question is usually when to use which.


Just as the name implies. Groups is simply a way to combine certain objects together.  For instance if you were working on the landscape of a project,  you will find it quite useful to be able to Group all the trees together so you can hide them in one shot, Allowing you to adjust the topography without having to contend with the trees in the way.

To use: Select all of the objects that you want to Group, right-click on the mouse and select Make Group, you can also find it under the Edit menu at the top of the screen.


Components are a type of group that when copied and repeated, if you edit one component all of the same component will change as well.  For instance, This is extremely useful when you create windows for a building that are all the same.  You can create one window Component, copy and paste it to where you need and if you need to change the window, you can fix one instance of the window and all of the rest will change.

To Use: Select all of the objects that compose of your Component, right-click on the mouse and select Make Component, or press the shortcut letter G, you can also find it under the Edit menu at the top of the screen.

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  1. I have a question. I am new to Sketchup-and have got have of the basics in believe. My main prob i face is that..when I attach two items..say a table top with its leg-they get MERGED. to say it becomes on item-so editing, selection gets difficult. Will grouping or making components help preserve it this. I am looking at making items equivalent to an autocad block-so that I can pick edit and do anything wt it at any given time-without affecting other items that in contact with it.

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